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People who have followed my process recoup these fees within a year and end up doing what they dreamed of.

For Individuals

Where desired, I can focus on an individual area for improvement – but I encourage people to participate in the full program to unlock the full potential of a renewed passion and focus, and the connections and networks you will participate in.

Organisations and Groups

I design programs for a small and large teams.

The process is research, meet ups, survey, design, implementation, and measurement.

Lucky for you guys, I have an enormous network of people who may play guest starring roles   

If this is something that would benefit your business, reach out to me to speak about pricing.


Per Module

We can work on a per module basis to achieve your primary goals. A single module generally spans one – two months. If you decide after the first module you want to continue for the full year, you can move into the yearly package.
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Full program

This includes the full framework of deliverables and will factor in your primary personal and professional development goals.

Unsure about the commitment to the entire cost? Try one module for $5,000 & if you are happy you can move into the yearly package.

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Bespoke package

  • I can customise workshops to focus on modules, or run small program sprints for groups or organisations. Let’s chat about your goals and we can speak about pricing
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Is the program not in your budget? Reach out & lets discuss your goals


I ask that out of respect to my Compadres’ time and my own that everyone who participates in the program undertakes an agreement to keep us on track and accountable to each other.

  • Sign NDA/agreement before we start.
  • We both do what we agree to do in the agreed time frame.
  • I want feedback, this is a two-way street.
  • Respectfully, I request quarterly payments to keep us accountable.