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What people say about working with me.

Nothing is more powerful than the words of people I know and respect. I’m humbled and energised by their kind words.

If these success stories and endorsements have captured your interest, and you’d like to understand how we might work together to unlock your potential, please reach out to speak about how we might take your new idea of existing venture to the next level.

Hugh Evans

Founder & CEO, Global Citizen,

A dear friend and Compadre

March 2023

“I’ve known Clive for nearly 20 years. We first met back in 2006 when we produced the ‘Make Poverty History’ concert together with Dan Adams. Since then, Clive has been a true friend and partner to me and my organization, Global Citizen. He’s always been there to support us and our mission: as an advisor, board member, to both me and our team.

He’s always been willing to offer his unique perspective on challenges we’ve faced or opportunities we’ve had, and I am grateful for Clive’s willingness to always put the mission first in everything he does. Over the years, Clive has become a dear friend and compadre, and I am grateful for all he has contributed to me and our mission.”

An all-encompassing Mentorship

Josh Kennedy

Sydney Swans, Captain (2017-2022)

November 2022

I would describe Compadres as an all encompassing mentorship. And I don’t say that lightly. There may be many “life coaches/mentors” in the market at the moment, but very few that carry the genuine experience in all aspects of life and business as you.

Through your own life experience, research and curiosity for life, both personal and professional, you have an encyclopaedia of wisdom that you have been able to capture and make it very practical for anyone that is wanting to grow themselves personally or professionally.

In addition to your own experience, your extensive network of high level thinkers and business developers means that you’re a valuable asset for any business leaders wanting to expand or begin something new or simply find more balance in their life.

A very balanced approach to life and work.

LJ Harries

Director, EQ Sales

Full of “AHA!” moments.

December 2022

I have been working with Clive as a Compadre for over 6 months. In that time I have been able to uncover blind spots, revel in AHA! moments and set the foundations for meaningful growth in my business, and in my life. Clive has not only played the role of mentor but as my co-CEO.

As a solo-entrepreneur it’s incredible having someone with not only the nous, the experience and the network but the willingness to share. He has played a crucial role in driving my company forward, including changing the mission and the positioning. In only a short time I can safely say that the investment into the program has exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to see where this goes.

An experience like no other.

Tom Phillips

Founder & CEO, Connecting Plots

December 2022

Working with Clive is an experience like no other. Where most people predetermine their own swim lanes – Clive seemingly has none. This makes Clive an incredible partner to have in your corner to encourage you, to push yourself in both your personal and professional journey’s.  Clive has played an instrumental part in my life, by helping me seize opportunities that would have ordinarily felt out of reach and pushing me to realise achievements far beyond the expectations I had of myself.

He has helped me refine my purpose, focus on the truly important stuff (and not to sweat the small things) and build my confidence so I can enjoy the ride, weathering the ups and the downs with composure & grace.

If you know where you want to be but you feel you’ve not quite hit your stride…Clive is the ultimate pacemaker. Buckle-up and be prepared for a ride like no other with Compadres.

Steven Marks

Founder & CEO, Guzman y Gomez Mexican Kitchen


I met Clive through YPO, the young presidents organisation, 10 years ago. He’s been a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and has dedicated himself to major social causes around the world. His impact has been felt in all those endeavours. But what makes him remarkable, is the wisdom that he has attained given the challenges throughout his career and life.

I truly admire his curiosity to learn and to constantly evolve as a human. Hunger, humility, empathy, and vulnerability are at his core. Besides his incredible wit, creativity and ability to truly think outside of the box, he’s an amazing father, an adventurer and a free spirit! A conversation with Clive will always leave you thinking of endless possibilities, both personally and professionally.

Luke Harris

CEO of Harris Farms


Clive has always been an inspiration to me. Whenever we catch up, I am inspired to think differently and outside the square. This is a consistent, positive and visceral effect that challenges me, and changes my perspective of life, for the better.

I have known Clive for ten years now. He thinks in a twofold manner – with heart and mind. This has always given him both a creative edge over others and a competitive advantage for business – not to mention a burst of energy for your soul.

More Clive’s on the planet are needed right now!

Ronni Kahn

CEO & Founder of OzHarvest


I met Clive, nearly 10 years ago, I connected with his passion and enthusiasm, vital ingredients in making a difference. He quickly became our one of our top fundraisers, at the same time, offering his help and guidance to our teams at Oz harvest. Creatively and connecting us to his wider network  Alongside that, his entrepreneurial spirit shines through everything he puts his hand to. His desire to make a significant difference to others is always apparent and his new business Compadre is set up to do just that.
Go Clive!!

Jeremy Angerson

Award-winning film and theatre producer

Thank you!

January 2023

I am a Compadres convert. There have been small and seismic transformations made to my life because of the care, intelligence and sustained partnership provided by Clive. My wins are psychological: deeper, more connected relationships, including with myself. Health: incredible sleep, daily exercise, food moderation, and weight just falling off.

Entrepreneurial endeavours are expanding and so is my income. My work with Clive has unlocked energy and potential and motivation, driving change where it is needed most. Clive is an extraordinary leader. He is the road less travelled that keeps surprising and delighting. I am thrilled with this journey! Thank you my Compadre.

Support to grow.

Jay Gunning

Owner-Operator & Founder, Owlbridge Media (Austin, Texas)

January 2023

I’ve been a Compadre since first being introduce to Clive in 2014 in a mentoring capacity while working at Global Citizen in New York City. Clive has since been a Compadre on my own venture, Owl Bridge Media (OBM) as we first launched and then expanded the business from the US to the UK. Working across production and media campaigns. As a non-traditional entrepreneur (aren’t we all?) I sought guidance from the simplest of business fundamentals to more complex contract pain points that creative agencies encounter.

It’s difficult to know where to start when speaking to the tremendous impact Clive has had on my career and subsequent personal growth but, it’s within that inability to pin down a start that Compadre can be celebrated, because much like a business, it takes more than one gear in an engine to drive forward and Compadre is a holistic approach that sees to all elements simultaneously.

It can be easy in a modern professional setting to break down components, processes or work streams one by one to see where we can be more efficient, where we need to make choices and where we need to lead with our heart only to break them down once again, in search of a prefect solution. Where Clive’s extensive experience really came to life in supporting the growth of myself and OBM was being able to look at our business holistically. Our values and the way we grow with our team is extremely important to us, and sometimes those values can seem counter-intuitive to traditional business practices. I can honestly say that without Clive and his commercial success paired with his reflective real world experience brought a profound sense of empathy to our conversations the allowed us to reach our goals in a manner true to our values.

Navigating the start of a business can be a lonely experience and there are just some things you can’t get from books. Clive provides a transparent and open space to discuss professional challenges and successes with an acute understanding of how they simultaneously have wider implications to our personal well being and, in turn, how they will impact the next phase of growth. Clive’s ability to connect his experiences to your own on a granular level gave me great confidence when putting our solutions into practice.

You can be a Compadre and write your own roadmap, be it practical overall guidance or approaching a specific challenge, I’m confident you will find more than what you are looking for.