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About Compadres

The wise person is always the learner

About me

My goal is to help people realise their potential.

I work with CEOs, with Founders, and those with aspirations to start or lead organisations, or turn their ideas into reality.

Together, we will take you and your business beyond where you see it now, beyond what you thought was possible.

The wise person is always the learner and as Compadres, Unconventional Wisdom is our pathway together.  There is nothing life changing in common sense.

We need counsel most when we don’t think we need it. In contrast, humans don’t like doing what they don’t know how to do.  And some of us don’t even like the instruction manuals. I paid the price many times through my mistakes (and many successful moments too). There’s no play book for what a founder or businessperson goes through. It’s unteachable; unmapped.

When everything goes completely sideways – and it will – working out how to get back on track is why you need Compadres. I have the Secret Sauce, I understand the surreal nature of an entrepreneurial life.

There is no vanilla between me and my Compadres.

Clive Burcham

Founder & CEO

Your Compadre

I love helping people thrive and seeing my Compadres realise their potential.

“Against the odds” is a theme with me, which I why I believe anything is possible for you.

My life started terribly, the odds of survival stacked against me by severe abuse, trauma, neglect, and loss. According to science, one of those early childhood issues puts a human in the 90th percentile of severe negative health and well-being issues, including death. Therefore, the data says I’ve smashed through life carrying at least, a 360% “against the odds” payload for survival.

Not only did I survive. I thrived. An Award-Winning career, as an entrepreneur starting several successful business (and several failures), campaigner for Sustainable Development Goals, record setting charitable fund-raiser, energetic mentor, friend and loving dad to two home-schooled, thoughtful, kind children. I retired in my late 40s, and became healthier, wealthier, and happier than I’ve ever been before.

I’ve started 10 organisations as Founder or Founding Partner. Many were profitable and some tanked. One of the best stories I have was starting TCO, selling it to WPP for a x8 NPAT multiple and buying it back for 0.5%. Other business stories I’m proud of, as an indie, through innovation and tenacity, we won masses of business away from major marketing holding companies. We created the “Digital Acceleration Team” hub model for Nestle, which was rolled out globally into every region. Against the odds!

I’m proud of the many staff who’ve gone onto lead distinguished careers, and indeed several who’ve start their own successful businesses.

One of my biggest joys is in helping others. I have been a number one fund-raiser for charities like OZ Harvest, and so proud to be the founding partner of the $42 billion dollar organisation whose mission it is “to ending extreme poverty”, Global Citizen. Topping that off, being one of handful of companies around the globe to hold a long-term contract with UNICEF’s headquarters in New York, where I found my true north in helping End Violence Against Children.


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