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For years, I’ve been using the #GoodVibes hashtag. It’s probably part bragging, part manifestation, part genuine encouragement. People even send me pictures of good ones things like Merchandise

Perhaps showing my age, but looking back from when Facebook started by way of their “you have memories with …..” feature, all those reflections we get to revisit are some of the most joyful things about the platform—so many awwww moments. Maybe, just sometimes, we forget how good life is. 

Which leads me to “Goodvibes” lists. I did this off and on about ten years ago. And now I’m more diligent about this particular list (and encourage all my Compadres to do it)—lists of good things that happen or are said, for reflection.

I was listening to an interview with Trinny Woodall (Trinny of London). She does something similar by way of screen grabs of the good things or #goodvibes that happen to her, and she stores them in an album.  

Most humans wake up with doubts, fears or feeling blue from time to time. Likewise, throughout the course of the day, you might get a verbal compliment…

A random excellent text: “f%3k that was inspiring” (not in exact language)

Or something significant happens at home: “I love you because you always try to do your absolute best, thanks for taking me to get ice cream, you’re the best Dad” (this happened), 

Or in the office: “Well done on winning that Oscar” (this didn’t), 

Or punching out some exercise: “108 burpees, you’re the greatest” (nor did this), 

Or feedback on a Compadres event: “Thanks so much for inviting me today, Clive. It was a great afternoon filled with great discussion. I loved seeing Liana in action. I also met many other smart, talented people and left invigorated to continue building my dreams! Thank you, again. Xxxx” (this did). 

Perhaps I am bragging again but I’m trying to make a point. That point is, in a world of push, pull, comparison, overwhelm, underwhelm, and so many overachievers on LinkedIn, it’s so cool to take stock and record the #Goodvibes afforded to you when we are often distracted by the day to day, and sometimes the negative bias that are natural to us. Here’s some facts: 

1. Negativity Bias:

Humans tend to give more weight to negative experiences or information compared to positive ones. This is an evolutionary trait that helped our ancestors survive by being more alert to potential threats.

2. Impact on Relationships:

In relationship psychology, researcher John Gottman found that stable marriages tend to have a ratio of about 5 positive interactions to 1 negative interaction. This is sometimes called the “magic ratio,”. 

3. Customer Service:

In business contexts, some studies suggest that it takes several positive experiences to make up for one negative one in terms of customer perception. The exact number varies, but ratios like 3:1 or 5:1 are often cited.

You’ll be so surprised by the magic of the positives collated as lists. You begin to keep your eyes and ears open for the good stuff. Sometimes, I need all the Goodvibes I can get.

Start your Goodvibes lists or album (I use Apple Notes for easy access). You will be surprised how swiftly it’s brimmed with #Goodvibes, and that you are indeed inherently f&$king awesome 👊

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