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We are all stuck on something: What to do next, how to get there, with whom, how to launch that new ‘thing’. 

With less onboard, planes fly further, lighter. Fuel consumption goes down and speed increases over a longer range. Similarly with boats. How many movies are there when the crew is throwing stuff (and sometimes people) overboard to get more range out of what’s left in the fuel tanks. We are like those vessels. 

We live cluttered; our calendars, to do’s, inboxes, text messages, DM’s, IM’s, wardrobes, glove boxes, backpacks and work bags, our garages and storage units, refrigerators, pantries, our top drawers, our R E L A T I O N S H I P S ! 

When something isn’t working; the new business idea pitch, the relationship, a hobby or a habit: it’s worth taking a step back and reassessing ….. perhaps dropping it, or taking a fresh approach …. is this the wisest approach? 

“Pain is temporary, quitting is forever…”  

Lance Armstrong. 

Exactly Lance!

We are hanging onto stuff, things, thoughts, people, concepts, ideologies, beliefs…that no longer serve the next most powerful us. 

We get plugged up in a scheduling nightmare. And we twist and turn under the sheets at night, wondering how the hell we are going to get through the forest of appointments to things we no longer feel optimal about. Looking for the escape hatch. Same with commitments. Who doesn’t think about not wanting to pay for things anymore, or attend things we are paying for. 

There is no shame in letting something go, in fact, I am encouraging Compadres to quit something each week. There is no perfect time to quit. But Mondays are my nominated day. 

So, wake up next Monday, and consider:

  • Giving away one physical thing,
  • Canceling one subscription, 
  • Cancel a meeting,
  • Move on from a relationship or,
  • unfollow that page that doesn’t bring me joy.

Here are some examples: 

  • I’m giving away that second pair of golf clubs, those shoes. 
  • I’m not having that meeting. That person doesn’t fill my cup, doesn’t align with my values.
  • I’m unsubscribing from Netflix and quitting the gym (to take up skydiving).
  • I’m quitting snooker club, the board, cigars and whiskey.  

And before you start something or buy something, ponder for a little while “is this something that I’m going to want to quit?” Trust your guts, become the greatest quitter in your life! Get in touch and I will help you

Let it go, find your flow, and which way to go!