An experience like no other

Tom Philips

Founder & CEO, Connecting Plots

Working with Clive is an experience like no other. Where most people predetermine their own swim lanes – Clive seemingly has none. This makes Clive an incredible partner to have in your corner to encourage you, to push yourself in both your personal and professional journey’s. Clive has played an instrumental part in my life, by helping me seize opportunities that would have ordinarily felt out of reach and pushing me to realise achievements far beyond the expectations I had of myself.

He has helped me refine my purpose, focus on the truly important stuff (and not to sweat the small things) and build my confidence so I can enjoy the ride, weathering the ups and the downs with composure & grace.

If you know where you want to be but you feel you’ve not quite hit your stride…Clive is the ultimate pacemaker. Buckle-up and be prepared for a ride like no other with Compadres.