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Recently, I had the pleasure of sharing my thoughts and experiences on how to weather storms with approximately 20 Founders of amazing businesses at Macquarie Bank in Sydney. The event was pulled together by Innovation Bay, an incredible resource for start ups, entrepreneurs and VCs. Innovation Bay was founded 20 years ago by my friend and YPO colleague, Ian Gardiner and Phaedon Stough.

I was in awe sharing the stage with two super impressive humans named, Jason. Jason Todd, the Head of Wealth Management at Macquarie Bank, and Jason Georgatos, President of Partners for Growth.

Despite the challenging, ever-changing economic headwinds we face in business, there’s one resource that we’re constantly running out of…


If I give you more time, or money for that matter, in a few weeks, months or years, you would probably ask for more. It’s a paradox, so therefore we need a new Paradigm.

Think back to when you were growing up, or if you’re lucky enough to have kids of your own, you know that love, spelt by our kids is T I M E. They just want more of you, more of one another. I don’t think that changes as we become adults. More time with your partner, more time with friends, more time with the boss, more time with the client, more time with team members.

But we HURRY! We hurry to be successful, we hurry to reach targets, we hurry to achieve goals, we hurry the kids into the car, to get to somewhere that often never really matters. Hurry isn’t healthy. It’s not efficient or effective. You will not be emotionally healthy in a Hurry. Hurry is toxic to our health. Hurry leads to a disordered heart. Hurry robs us chances for intimacy, connection, and presence.

Confession: anyone who worked with me will know I was Captain of the Team Hurry.

There’s nothing wrong with a “full” life – or workload. But you need to distinguish between a lot to do, vs too much to do. Are you missing those beautiful rich moments, or rushing to that appointment for the chance of the next marginal gain to make it, as you debit the goodness account.

Richie Norton wrote:





I’ll share how I have mastered my T I M E and increased the L O V E to become much more effective and efficient!!

In the meantime, slow the heck down. Or if you are in a rush to slow down, get in touch … 😉