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“Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.”
– Anonymous

Better you, better life, better business. 

Better you, better life, better business. 

Better you, better life, better business. 

Better you, better life, better business. 

Better you, better life, better business. 

Let's talk

Are you asking yourself these questions?

Where’s my mojo
How do I improve my life
Why aren’t I & my business more profitable
Have I lost my way
What’s next for me
How can I get this amazing idea off the ground

then Compadres is made for you. Find out what support you need


Creative Entrepreneur Coaching

An unconventional mentorship program that delivers results across your personal life and business, recognising that the two are intertwined. We’ll work to unpack your life, what’s holding you back, and how to get where you want to be.

“You Pushed me to think more about my life, have bigger conversations about my future. The framework of the programme has given me guidance, to reflect on the harder conversations in life, and for myself.  Learned from talking to someone who’s built bigger businesses. Feel more optimistic …”  Female Founder, May 22, 2024



Business Growth Advisory

Designed for creative entrepreneurs, Compadres’ Business Advisory solves your problems quickly through experience, wisdom, connection and collaboration. We solve your biggest problems and we create new futures.

“I felt stale, stuck, suppressed. I went from frustrated to being free. Great conversations with my team, new business flowing through the door….” Female FounderMay 20, 2024



Compadres Campfire

A community of like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders, hungry to do more and be more. Collectively we discover new possibilities, seek inspiration from each other, and drive connection and change where we need it most.

“A privilege to be amongst this illustrious group of people, hearing about some of the opportunities which are coming our way…” Jac Alley, IMAA Chair

Who am I?

Clive Burcham

A father, a multi-business founder, a life-junkie, a survivor. I’ve enjoyed my share of great successes, and been humbled by more than a few hard-learned lessons. “May my scars be your wisdom” on your path to success – however you define your ultimate goals. I set up Compadres to work with entrepreneurs and leaders who aspire to more.

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Compadres Blog
4 July 2024

Regenerate your own #GoodVibes !

For years, I've been using the #GoodVibes hashtag. It's probably part bragging, part manifestation, part genuine encouragement. People even send me pictures of good ones things like Merchandise Perhaps showing…
Compadres Blog
8 June 2024

Be a Quitter  

We are all stuck on something: What to do next, how to get there, with whom, how to launch that new ‘thing’.  With less onboard, planes fly further, lighter. Fuel…
Compadres Blog
19 March 2024

Creativity Has No Bounds

I recently heard philosopher and author Irwin Raphael McManus say, “What makes humans different from every other species and what humans can do that no other species can do, is…
Why Compadres

How Compadres changes their business.

Andrew Cornale standing with Kristen Cornale and Clive Burcham
Kristen & Andrew's Case study

“One of the best things you ever said to me was: the Andrew of today is carrying the Andrew from 10 years ago up the hill, and the Andrew from today is getting tired of it… let’s decommission Andrew 2013 so Andrew 2023 can accelerate to climb the hill.”

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Anthony Challinor standing with Clive Burcham in the Velofix workshop
Anthony Challinor's Case study

Sometimes self-doubt creeps in and stops your ability to get some tasks done. More recently, my ambition has been to take our business online and make it more visible, to service our loyal customer base and expand our reach across Australia.

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Wayne Brown's Case study

As a business owner, I faced all the same challenges other founders do: growth, procrastination, apprehension, fear, matched up to my ambition to make a difference. Feeling stuck, and like I was going around in circles.

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