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“Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.”

- Anonymous

Realise your potential  

Realise your potential  

Realise your potential  

Realise your potential  

Realise your potential  

Real people, real businesses, real results

Andrew Cornale standing with Kristen Cornale and Clive Burcham

“Working with Compadres has delivered a revitalized appreciation for the existing UnDigital business, reduced stress, heightened focus, and a newfound zest for life outside of work. This has been a personal journey of fulfillment and creating a ripple effect of positivity and growth.”

Andrew CornaleFounder, UnDigital
Anthony Challinor standing with Clive Burcham in the Velofix workshop

“We are looking at an exciting future of growing multiple products, services, and brands. I feel I’ve reinvigorated the drive I had back in 2007. The last few months, finally, have been some of the best on months on record.”

Anthony ChallinorFounder, VELOFIX

What people say about working with me

“There may be many “life coaches/mentors” in the market at the moment, but very few that carry the genuine experience in all aspects of life and business as you.”

Josh KennedySydney Swans, Captain (2017-2022)

“His desire to make a significant difference to others is always apparent and his new business Compadre is set up to do just that.”

Ronni KahnCEO & Founder of Oz Harvest

“Clive has become a dear friend and compadre, and I am grateful for all he has contributed to me and our mission.”

Hugh EvansFounder & CEO, Global Citizen

“I truly admire his curiosity to learn and to constantly evolve as a human.”

Steven MarksFounder & CEO, Guzman y Gomez Mexican Kitchen

There is nothing life changing in common sense.

I work with CEOs, with Founders, and those with aspirations to start or lead organisations, or turn their ideas into reality. When everything goes completely sideways – and it will – working out how to get back on track is why you need Compadres. I have the Secret Sauce, I understand the surreal nature of an entrepreneurial life.

My goal is to help people realise their potential.


Years of experience in a Senior role


Founder or Founding Partner


Do you have an idea that you’re itching to get started, but can’t seem to get it off the ground?

Do you want to grow your business, taking it and your team to the next level? Or are you finding yourself at a crossroads in life, and unsure where you should focus your energy to start writing your next chapter?

Let's unlock your potential together

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Business Networking
Personal Growth